February 11th, 2013 - Board Meeting

posted May 13, 2013, 6:52 PM by peterc@saxonyhoa.org

Saxony Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2013

Meeting called to Order @7:00 PM

Establishment of Quorum: 5 board members present

Approval of January Minutes: Approved by board.

Review of Monthly Financials

As of the end of January, the Association had the following funds:

Operating Cash                                                                                     $157,634.71

Settlement Funds in Operating                                                             $160,739.40

Insurance Claim – A Building                                                              ($10,000.00)

Petty Cash                                                                                             $250.00

Maintenance Reserves                                                                          $273,432.43

Insurance Reserves                                                                               $39,904.35

Insurance Reserves - FHA Deductible                                                 $10,833.33

Total Cash:                                                                                          $632,794.22

Outstanding Financial Commitments: 


Items of Note

  • The Board still needs to open a money market account for the Construction Defect Settlement funds, but we understand that this is being postponed until a loan has been secured so that the funds can be moved to the same bank.

  • We’ve completed the Insurance Claim for Building A. The 10k deductible is still unpaid by the homeowner, which shows as a negative 10K in the insurance claim sub-account.


Current Month                                                                                        $5,167.13

Over 30 days                                                                                          $3,765.86

Over 60 days                                                                                          $3,441.41

Over 90 days                                                                                          $59,259.39

Prepaid Assessments                                                                              $5,977.66

Total Outstanding Balances                                                                   $65,656.13

 Homeowner’s Forum

  1. David Zeitlin, C building: Came in to discuss issues with the C building community environment. He is losing renter possibly due to how residents are treating each other in the C building.

  2. Caren Park, G building: Concerned the gate timing for the garage entrance is too short. The timing was recently decreased due to other resident’s security concerns. The board will monitor the gate and make adjustments as needed.

  3. Tim Jors, Unit 20: The western entrance into Saxony only has one Saxony sign lighting at night. This is due to a faulty wire, which will need to be repaired.

  4. Tyler, D building: D building eastside gate is not latching. Charter is looking into why this gate will not work correctly. Would also like code updates for the gates. Codes are likely going to be changed in the near future. Also, voiced concern over the condition of the planter boxes. The planters will be removed during the construction project, but we will get a quote from Greg’s Gardening to see what it would cost to maintain them in the meantime.

  5. Trisha Simon, Unit 19: She still cannot access the homeowner section of the Saxony HOA website. Peter will address this.

New Business

  1. Property management changes: Patrick Bybee will be replacing Marcel as the property manager. Patrick has been a property manager since 2004. Marcel will still be involved in operations and especially with the construction project.

  2. Bank Cards were signed and given to Marcel to update the HOA account information.

  3. Cabana Issues:

    1. The locks on the Cabana need to be changed. The board would like to rekey the patio doors, front door, the office, and utility room doors. The board would like there to be a switchable deadbolt on the patio doors for easier access. Furthermore, an electronic lock should be installed on the main door to give renters an easier option for access, rather than a key.

  4. Greg’s Gardening: Approved Greg’s bid to prune the trees around the property, especially near buildings are lights. This is a $2,500 expense.

  5. Split rail fence: Mike from Charter will be providing a quote to replace the fence due to its poor condition.

Ongoing Projects

  1. Parking: Parking enforcement has increased and as a result fewer residents are parking in visitor parking. All HOA owned parking spaces are now rented. When towing Mac Towing does require the person requesting the tow provide their name and address.

  2. Unit 21: Jordan will be changing the locks and possibly looking at putting this unit up for rent if the condition is good. The HOA could possibly use Miller Lane as a rental company to take care of the property. The HOA has approved this unit for rent.

  3. Website Issues: These have been fixed by Peter, and the website is now functioning correctly.

  4. Winter Newsletter: Cece wants board member input on what should be included in the newsletter. Board members are to submit their portions to Cece ASAP.

  5. Cameras: The board is looking into a camera system for the property due to continued illegal dumping at the dumpsters. This is also a good deterrent for vandalism and theft, and can help increase public safety. A system to cover the basics would be roughly $10,000 and a system to cover the complex about $18,000. This could be completed with the construction project. A gated entry to the complex is also an option, but would be very expensive. The camera system will be put to a vote by the residents for the construction project; otherwise it will be budgeted for next year.

  6. George Singer, construction project architect, did the damage estimate walkthrough. Repairs to units will be bid out on a per unit cost. This will provide a cost estimate for each type of unit.

  7. SGA Invoice: The board motioned to pay the invoice.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:52 PM