February 13, 2012 - Board Meeting

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Saxony Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

February 13, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm
Establishment of Quorum -- Quorum established
Board members Present: Cece, Page, Michelle, Peter, Travis, Peter

Approval of Minutes

January minutes to be approved via Email

Review of Monthly Financials

Operating Funds $118,954.77

Settlement Funds in OP $212,969.85

Petty Cash $250.00

Maintenance Reserves $203,415.57

Insurance Reserves $5,3741.17

Insurance Reserves FHA Deductible sub account $1,666.66

Homeowner’s Forum
  • Several homeowners have brought attention to the mold and discoloration present on railings both in Multifamily and Town homes. Board will look into obtaining estimates for cleaning of railings.
  • E106 - Water Heater issue - Unit needs replacement of water heater and inquired into the model and ages of water heaters in other units. Estimated will be obtained by homeowner, who also questioned the possibility of seeing if other homeowners would be interested in joining a bid, to obtain better prices for water heater and installation services.
  • Board would also like to remind homeowners to conduct annual flushing/inspection of heating system.

  • Discuss bids for carpet cleaning in condos - handout (Euromaintenance bid)
    • SUHRCO will obtain two more bids on top of current bid from Euromaintenance for the “deep cleaning” of carpeted common areas in multi-family units. Board will also investigate the extent of weekly cleaning as part of current contract, and whether a deep cleaning can be added to current contract and at what cost.

  • Update and discussion on water damage in buildings A & B - handout (roof report -Mike Cruse Charter Construction)
    • leaking during January storm looked into by Charter Construction, who has compiled a report of the source of pooling water at the entrance of buildings. The findings suggest the roof remedies should be considered under the upcoming construction project. Further discussion to take place in executive session.
  • Discuss dumpster sign proposals - handout
    • dumpster signs designed and approved. Signs will be ordered and posted by dumpsters ASAP!
  • Discuss options for a new play structure – Cece?
    • Bid obtained for new play structure was outside the spending limits board had in mind. We will research the issue further (obtain more bids) and look into possible insurance implications with the install of new play structure.
  • Review contracts of vendors - handout
    • Landscaper-Greg’s - Still waiting on a copy of latest contract from Greg. Once obtained, board will look over contract to see if we want to continue or consider obtaining more bids from other companies.
    • Euromaintenance - Board wants to make sure that current janitorial services are being met, and whether we should add or supplement. To better understand this, we will ask Euromaintenance for clarification on what services listed in contract are performed on a weekly, monthly , seasonally and yearly basis.

  • Plan ahead for spring:
    • Look into Window cleaning - obtain more bids from different companies, as we were very unsatisfied with results from last window cleaning.
    • Mulch/bark - should we do this pre/post construction project? Application costs are prohibitive given the construction project coming up. Perhaps we can consider ordering mulch and applying it on site through a resident volunteer day? Discussion tabled while more options are considered.
    • Adding back shrubbery that was removed- Contact Greg about Shrub removed by mailboxes, reason? Also, ask Greg about affordable low maintenance ground cover to replace bushes removed throughout complex due to obstruction of view.

  • Discuss a community volunteer day - select day and get volunteers to organize
    • Peter and Travis will research and coordinate a date this summer that we can have a community volunteer day to spruce up the community. We have had increasing interest from residents, whom would love to become more involved in this capacity
  • Discuss possibility of a community garage sale
    • Cece will explore different possibilities and logistics to holding a garage sale on site. Perhaps we could allow residents to set up their stations at their parking spots? Parking considerations and traffic problems due to garage sale? Date will likely be in late spring or summer.
  • Painting of interior unit doors in condo buildings
    • SUHRCO will obtain a bid from Lower 48 for the painting of doors.
  • Caren Park’s request to rent a space
    • Board will further discuss this request and look into potentially opening a gym on site for resident use. Look into insurance and liability issues related to a gym? Also, where will this be located? Cabana or possibly garage? If gym idea falls through, will a space for rent still be made available to Caren?

  • Update on units owned by the association – Peter?
    • Board accepted the bank’s combined offer for both units, and so the association is no longer involved in ownership issues.  
  • Replace missing sign in the “no pee and poo” area
    • Board will order a new sign and cement it to the ground where the current sign has gone missing
  • Update on the water pump shack
    • To the best of our knowledge, lock taken down by Greg’s crew has been replaced and a copy of the key is in Marcel Scheel’s office at SUHRCO.
  • Update on non-working entry boxes
    • Board will look into why call boxes have been malfunctioning and also respond to resident concerns about not having access to their buildings when call boxes are not functioning. Look into providing keys to buildings to those affected. All those who do not currently have a key to their building should consider obtaining one by contacting either the board or Marcel at SUHRCO.