January 13, 2014 - Board Meeting

posted Mar 10, 2014, 6:41 PM by peterc@saxonyhoa.org

Saxony Condominiums

Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2014

Members Present:

Suhrco: Patrick & Carson

Saxony Board: Peter, Cece, Travis

Soltner Group Architects [SGA]: George

Call to Order: 6:40PM (Quorum reached) Executive Session

Homeowners Forum @ 7PM:

Discussed submission of claims to owner HO6 insurance policies, and possible documents that would prove useful for owners to provide if / when they wish to pursue a claim as a result of the recent assessment.  Peter and Patrick are working on gathering the appropriate relevant information to make available and publish on the homeowner’s website.

Review of monthly Financials – Nov 2013 (December year end financials not yet available)

BLDG G203 - After hours noise complaints in BLDG G doors in main hallways need maintenance.

Garage being used as storage facility – need to flag items for removal.  Patrick to review with Jordan on how to proceed.

Mailboxes have been left open by postman several times where entire row of boxes are exposed / unlocked.  This has happened on several occasions and Patrick will reach out to Redmond postmaster as appropriate.

Unit #19:

Inquiry as to status of loan for repair project.  Ongoing, loan manager is continuing review of Saxony’s financials per bank requests and pursuing loan options.  No official update at this time, however there may be an extension of time for homeowners to submit their final lump sum payment to the association without incurring interest / re-amortization fee.

Cece moved to approve payments outlined in Agenda, Travis seconded, and Peter approved.

Meeting adjourned @ 8PM