June 10th, 2013 - Board Meeting

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Saxony Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 10th, 2013

Meeting called to Order @7:02 PM

Establishment of Quorum: 3 Board members present

Approval of April Minutes: Board voted to approve minutes via email, executive minutes have not yet been approved.


Review of Monthly Financials

As of the end of May, the Association had the following funds:

Operating Cash                                                                                     $132,273.98

Settlement Funds in Operating                                                             $12,586.00

Insurance Claim – A Building                                                              ($10,000.00)

Petty Cash                                                                                             $250.00

Maintenance Reserves                                                                          $325,146.58

Insurance Reserves                                                                               $5,449.29

Insurance Reserves - FHA Deductible                                                 $14,166.56

Insurance Reserves - FHA Deductible  $115,070.48

Total Cash:                                                                                          $594,942.98

Outstanding Financial Commitments: 

$1,640.00 – Suhrco Residential Properties, LLC

Items of Note

  • The construction settlement funds have been moved into a new account with Foundation Bank.


Current Month                                                                                       $7,031.15

Over 30 days                                                                                          $5,325.40

Over 60 days                                                                                          $2,555.62

Over 90 days                                                                                          $27,722.36

Prepaid Assessments                                                                              $5,823.42

Total Outstanding Balances                                                                   $36,811.11

Homeowner’s Forum

  1. Eric Compton in A204 stated he was interested in how the community is run. Also, he wanted to know if the north A building intercom could be programmed with his information. The Board advised Eric to contact the board with his information needing to be programmed.

  2. An undisclosed unit owner has seen dumping of trash around the dumpsters and wanted to make the Board aware. The Board is already aware of this issue. Also, they wanted to let the Board know that they have witnessed possible narcotics activity. The Sammamish Police have been made aware of this issue and the Board asks all resident to call 911 to report any suspicious activity on the property.

  3. Caren Park in G203, states that there have been cigarette butts and garbage left around the property. The Board is asking the maintenance staff to address these issues.

New Business

  1. The Board approved and ratified the following:

    1. Soltner invoice for $555.

  2. The Board has asked Suhrco to get pricing for new signage in the garage warning residents that any vehicle (including motorcycles) parked in the garage will be towed unless parked in a marked space and that the garage is for vehicles only, anything else is subject to disposal.

  3. In regards to the construction project, the Board is still finalizing the construction meeting location and will be confirming the location with Suhrco shortly.

  4. The garage entrance ramp drain needs replacing. The original drain was never designed for vehicular traffic and is completely broken. Bids will be taken to assess the cost of a replacement. During this project, vehicles will not be able to enter or exit the garage and residents will need to be made aware.

  5. Bank signature cards were signed by Board members Jordan, Cece, and Charity.

  6. The HOA will be having its annual audit and so far everything looks to be correct and the Board does not expect any issues.

  7. The new Cabana rental policy will be that residents are no longer given a key. With the new lock installation, the Cabana renters will be given a code to open the front door only after their walkthrough has been completed. The Cabana will remain dead bolted during all other hours.

  8. The Board has adopted a new gate key replacement policy for resident owners. Suhrco will hand out keys to owners in the community if they lose a key. The first replacement key will be free and the second key will cost $20 if they lose the one they have already been given.

  9. In the garage there are a few lights that are not working correctly. Above space 20 the bulb continues to cycle on and off several times every few minutes. Maintenance will be made aware of this issue.

  10. Some of the sprinklers on the property are leaking a large amount of water when the system is running, possibly from a broken head. Suhrco will make Greg’s aware of this issue so the sprinkles are inspected.

Ongoing Projects

  1. None at this time.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:06