June 11th, 2012 - Board Meeting

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Saxony Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minute

June 11th, 2012

Meeting called to order 7:08pm
Establishment of Quorum 5 board members
Approval of April Minutes Approved via email

Review of Monthly Financials
Operating Funds $142,277.03
Settlement Funds in OP $197,846.46
Petty Cash         $250.00
Maintenance Reserves $218,466.25
Insurance Reserves $19,424.99
Insurance Reserves – FHA Deductible Sub-Account $4,166.65

Total         $582,431.38

Outstanding Financial Commitments                                                  $0.00

Items of note:

The board still needs to open a money market account for the Construction Defect Settlement Funds but it is being postponed until a loan has been secured so that the funds can be moved to the same bank.

Units B-105 and G-103 have sold.

Current Month                            $4,960.67
Over 30 days $3,638.60
Over 60 days $2,374.64
Over 90 days            $37,175.94
Prepaid Assessments            ($6,415.44)
Total Unpaid Balances             $41,734.41

There was an inquiry as to how many units are delinquent?
  • This can be found in the monthly financial statements provided by SUHRCO

Homeowner’s Forum
  1. Homeowner requested to house and use of elliptical machine

  • Board decided it would not be a good idea because of insurance issues and office space will be used during construction project
  • Board approved homeowner to use elliptical in her 2nd floor unit

  1. Homeowner inquired about weeding around common planter area

  • Currently waiting for a bid from Greg’s

  1. Homeowner asked how one would get copies of previous year’s tax return and audits

  • SURHCO has these document

  1. Homeowner asked when mold will be cleaned on and around the PT slab

  • Mold will be completely removed during construction project

  1. Homeowner stated building D gates are not locking most of the time

  • Homeowner will send email to the board stating concerns

New Business
  1. Property Walk Through Schedules

  • Cece will send schedule
  • Travis will make checklist

  1. G103 Kitchen Sink Clog – Common pipe clog?

  • Haven’t heard back from Maintco
  • Marcel will follow up

  1. Parking Concerns

  • Letter sent to A building residents using visitor spots
  • Space 163 (HOA owned space) - being used by bldg F resident, will monitor

  1. Vandalism in townhome area

  • Eggings on garage doors and cars
  • Board will post notices on mail kiosk, “Contact police if you see suspicious behavior.  Be vigilant.”

  1. Cagianut & Company Rep Letter

  • Cece will check, rep letter is normally sent in Q4
  • Tax return and audit ready to be signed

  1. Bike Rack on Property

  • Bike racks already at units

  1. Play structure

  • Commercial grade Rainbow play structure with swings $3-5K
  • Will mention at town hall meeting
  • Peter will get two proposals from Rainbow

  1. Saxony Pond issues

  • Cost of maintaining it
  • Marcel will get proposal from Greg’s to drain and make a planter
  • Cover in plastic so it may be used as a pond again in the future

  1. Bio-soil scheduled to be done

  • $2,500 – allocated in annual budget

  1. Storage of personal items in Garage

  • Violation letters sent

  1. Summer letter

  • Marcel will check with Carissa on status
  • will include request to send updated DOL info

Ongoing Projects
  1. Website Status

  • Example available on Google apps
  • Marcel will send list of all emails
  • New website will go live soon

  1. First Tech CU  

  • Travis met with them last week regarding transferring funds to another account
  • Checking on monthly fees
  • Figuring out what they need from board

  1. Dumpster Issues
    • Illegal dumping

  • One option would be to install security cameras – probably too costly
  • Another option would be to hire a full time maintenance person – also probably too costly

  1. Construction Repair Scope Meeting on 20th
    • Don’t need George to attend
    • Nicole will still attend
  2. Gate issues and bids

  • Hold off until after construction project

  1. Saxony Cabana Damages
    • Scratches from nail on hard wood floors
    • Kitchen lights not working
    • How to prevent damage in the future?
      1. Charge admin fee for rental?
      2. Set a temporary code each time it is rented?
  2. PO Approval
    • BOD will approve invoices for all expenses over $500 outside the budget
  3. Contract for Project Facilitator?
    • Typically it would be 3-5% of project budget
    • Marcel will make a proposal
Meeting Adjourned @ 8:09PM