May 14th, 2012 - Board Meeting

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Saxony Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 14th, 2012          

Meeting called to order 7:08pm
Establishment of Quorum 4 board members
Approval of April Minutes Approved via email

Review of Monthly Financials
Operating Funds $132,066.38
Settlement Funds in OP $204,609.69
Petty Cash $250.00
Maintenance Reserves $213,448.47
Insurance Reserves $16,867.74
Insurance Reserves – FHA Deductible Sub-Account $2,499.99

Total $570,575.60

Outstanding Financial Commitments                                                  $0.00

Homeowner’s Forum

Issues called to attention:
  1. Discussion regarding renting units
    1. No rental cap
    2. Homeowner must provide tenant info to SUHRCO
  2. Any noise problems should be reported to Marcel
  3. Cigarette butts and ashes in bldg G foyer
    1. EUROMAINTENANCE  is cleaning regularly
    2. Post signs around building?
  4. Back gates in building F and G are broken
    1. Marcel will ask charter to fix
New Business:
  1. Accept F203 settlement?

  1. BOD approved accepting settlement offer and closing account

  1. G304 Water leak issues

  1. Charter found roof to be source of leak
  2. Both roof and damage to unit are now fixed

  1. Schedule town hall meeting?
    1. Wait until scope is decided and we have more information
  2. Storage area key request
    1. Michelle will handle
  3. Back flow testing
    1. Marcel coordinated with Lauren to have testing completed
    2. No action required from the board unless there is a problem

Ongoing Projects:
  1. Website
    1. Follow up with Peter on status
  2. Building A call boxes
    1. Page has fixed all issues
  3. Reserve study
    1. To be scheduled upon approval of scope of work
    2. Contract questions settled

Summary of Motions Approved by BOD
  1. Accept F203 settlement offer and close account

Summary of Action Items from May Meeting
  1. Marcel – request Charter to fix building F and G back gates (done)
  2. Marcel – notify Association Reserves to hold off on completing study until scope of work has been defined (done)

Homeowners Session Adjourned @ 8:09PM